How to “laminate” your hair at home

“Lamination” is a procedure in which the hair is protected by a special substance, it makes him look thicker and healthier. See how you can do that at home.
Benefits of lamination with gelatin
Gelatin lamination gives you healthy hair and protects you from the cold temperatures in winter and very hot summers, according to In addition, you get rid of split tops and broken hairs.

How to laminate your hair
The first step is to boil water and let it cool. Add, then, a tablespoon of gelatin in a glass bowl and pour over it three tablespoons of warm water. If your hair is very long or very thick, increases the amount three times: three tablespoons of gelatin and add nine tablespoons of water. Mix the ingredients thoroughly and do not worry if gelatine sticks, because it cleans quickly. Once you get a smooth paste, cover the bowl, to not cool down.

How leave the gelatin to dissolve, go and wash your head with shampoo, apply conditioner and rinse. If it’s been about 20 minutes since you mix the ingredients, add half tablespoon of balm in composition, mix it again and apply it on the wet hair, within 1 cm of the root. It is important not to apply this substance on the scalp or root. After you have finished, put a plastic bag on the head and heat your hair with a towel and a dryer for about 10-15 minutes. The mask gelatin must sit about 45 minutes, then wash your head with water. You will see that you rid of hair composition due balm that you added.

How often to laminate the hair
Do not abuse this procedure. Hair lamination should be done once a week for about two months. The result will be visible after the first application, then the effect will intensify.

How to “laminate” your hair at home

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