How to Maintain Eyelash Extensions

Hello Beauties! Today’s post is all about how to maintain eyelash extensions. Eyelash extensions are a true beauty investment and commitment.

  1. To start, a woman invests in her first session, when all the eyelashes are applied.
  2. Then, in order to make sure the extensions keep on looking great, she has to adjust little aspects of her life style from personal habits to products.
  3. Finally, she has to commit to fills, every 2-4 weeks, to “clean up” the eyelashes.
A good eyelash professional will go over all of this detailed information with a client at her first appointment. However, sometimes its hard to hold on to SO much new information, especially if you’re excited about your first appointment, or you’re too busy checking your pretty eyes out in the mirror to pay attention (I know I’ve done it! :-P). So, I wrote this post as a go-to reference for women, on how to maintain eyelash extensions. I’ve broken it up from what to do and what to avoid and what products are best. Enjoy!

As an California State Licensed Esthetician and certified JB Lash Artist, I will be recommending How to Maintain Eyelash Extensions based on what I have learned through my JB lash certification.

How to Maintain Eyelash Extensions:

  • Do- Sleep on your back
  • Do Be Gentle with your eyelashes
  • Don’t touch your eyeslashes

First off, perhaps the EASIEST and BEST tip I gave share with you is: Please! Be gentle with your eyelashes!
I know this seems very simple. However, it’s human nature. Once we get a new anything, we’re often inclined to touch it. Just remember to be gentle and,

If you don’t mess with your eyelashes, they’re less likely to get messed up!

Additionally, try to sleep on your back at night. Sleeping on your stomach or sides can squish and kink up the lashes, which is not cute. So simply adjusting your sleeping position will go a LONG way!

Avoid Heat, Steam, Moisture

Try your very best to avoid wetting your eyelashes the first 48 hours after your appointment. Moving forward, please AVOID:

  • Saunas
  • Steam rooms
  • Tanning beds
  • And any heat on your eyelashes.

This will help avoid weakening the bond of the glue used for your extensions. If you absolutely need to, for example, get a facial with steam, try to book it right before your eyelash fill appointment. 😉

Products to Avoid

As we say on the Her Eyes Home Page, “Oil-Free products are necessary for care.” As women, of course we’re going to wear eye makeup, use eye makeup remover, cleansers, and eye creams. Remember to make sure all of your products are oil-free. Oils break down the bond of the glue.  Using oil-free products will help your extensions last longer and look great longer. Allow me to break this down:

  • PENCIL LINERS: They’re made of mineral oil. Instead, stick with gel liners.
  • WATER PROOF MASCARA:  Try, instead, a water based mascara.
  • MAKEUP REMOVER: Keep any oils away from the orbital bone, or eye socket. For cleansing the lash line, I recommend using JB Lash’s Protein Remover. This will completely dissolve any protein build-up in the eye area (that’s fancy talk for the inevitable eye boogers).
  • EYE CREAMS: Stick with eye gels

How to Maintain Eyelash Extensions: Products I Recommend

My personal favorite products to use with extensions are as follows:

  1. JB lash protein remover (mentioned above).
  2. JB Lash Sealer (apply every 3 days. Extends life of lashes)
  3. Lash Food Mascara (makes your eyelashes grow and is safe for extensions)
  4. Lash Food serum (goes on clear, and keeps your real lashes healthy while wearing extensions.)
  5. Almay Oil-Free Makeup Remover
  6. Ulta Brand Gel Liner (only about ten bucks and works as great as the expensive stuff!)
  7. Lash Fresh’s Foaming Eyelash Wash (an all natural way to feel squeaky clean without irritating your eyes or ruining extensions)

And Finally…

See your eyelash professional every 2-4 weeks for your fills! The same way we get acrylic nail fills to keep them looking beautiful, we must commit to eyelash fills. For example, at Her Eyes, my clients always leave feeling great after a fill. And with SO many different options for eyelashes, it’s almost like you can get a new set, or variation of your look, every fill! 😉

Still have questions on how to maintain your eyelash extensions? Check out JB’s Lash Care Page. They offer great supplemental information. Or, feel free to ask in the comments below. I’d be happy to answer any questions.

Watch my video on how to Maintain Eyelash Extensions here!

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