How to make french manicure last longer with a white pencil tip

Ladies who want an elegant and sophisticated style, generally seek the finest options in France and their choice of manicure is no exception. French manicure requires having long nails, cover with a neutral color, and then cover only the tips with a pure white. The problem with this style is that long nails are harder to maintain than shorter ones, so the white tips husk and often show signs of wear.

Some companies sell pencils with white trim that women can touch up their manicure French and make it last longer.

You need:
– nail polish
– nail neutral
– guide for tips
– white pencil tip

1. Make sure all your nails have approximately the same length.
2. Paint the nails with one coat of neutral nail color. Wait for the coat to dry.
3. Guide aligns the ends of the curve of the nail where the skin of the finger ends. Adhere to the nail guides along that line. Check that all the tips have the same shape and size.
4. Shake the pen manicure white tip with the lid on. Remove the cover and align the pen tip to the top of the guide, at the outer edge of the nail. Hold the pen firmly and slide your finger under it, so that the stylus cover nail tip white.
5. Repeat with the other nails and wait for the ink to dry the white pencil. Take off the guides. Dip the tip of a cotton ball in alcohol and clean the nails with it to remove the remaining adhesive.
6. Cover your nails with a second coat of nail polish neutral and wait for it to dry. Apply a thin coat of sealer.
7. Repair damaged or peeling white tips again using a white pencil, neutral polish, and sealant when necessary.

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