How To Make Your Eyebrows Fuller

Hello Beauty Lovers! I am dedicating this blog on How To Make Your Eyebrows Fuller to Rebecca, a reader who recently emailed me through the website with the burning question on how to get fuller eyebrows. So how does one grow fuller eyebrows? As an eyebrow expert, I am about to answer this question for Rebecca and everyone else who’s dying to know!

imagePut Down The Tweezers
The number one tip I can give clients, the tip that will give you the fastest results…put the tweezers down! Believe me, I’ve seen so many clients who over-tweeze. Unfortunately, with over-tweezing two mishaps can happen.

1. Instead of pulling out from the root, a woman might just break the hair at the surface. Breaking the hair at the surface?! That’s just as bad as shaving and everyone knows shaving is a big no-no for brows.

2. Ingrown hairs. Tweezing at the wrong angle, or improperly, can cause ingrown hairs. Too many of these don’t just look and feel bad, but they can retard the follicle. Be careful with that. The hair might not grow back.

So remember, put down the tweezers. At least while you’re trying to grow fuller eyebrows. Leave the hair removal to an expert, like me. 😉
imageBust Out The Biotin
The next tip I’d love to share has also worked for me personally. Take a biotin supplement! Biotin is a great way to make your hair grow faster. However, as a disclaimer…remember, this will make ALL your hair grow faster. If it’s worth it to you, then give it a try. If not try …

Lash Food For Brows
Lash Food For Brows is a the BEST product to naturally grow your brows!! No scary side effects. It won’t change your eye color. It’s amazing!

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