How To Make Your Eyelashes Grow Longer

How to Make Your Eyelashes Grow Longer- Tips from a Professional JB Lash Extension Artist

How to make your eyelashes grow longer? As an eyelash extension professional, many clients ask me that very question. In my opinion, good diet, good maintenance, and a little bit of my favorite secret weapon do the trick when it comes to long, healthy, fabulous lashes! Allow me to give you a break down.

Good Diet

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, taking a dietary biotin supplement is the easiest way to get healthy, strong, long hair…ALL over. Yes, all over. You’ll have a healthy head of hair, healthy eyelashes, and…you’ll probably be shaving your legs twice as often. I say this from experience. Now, I was trying to grow out a pixie cut, so I dealt with the extra hair all over, because it meant longer hair and healthy lashes. However, not everyone is willing to compromise on that. Which leads us to our next tip. This will probably the easiest to follow when it comes to how to make your eyelashes grow longer.

Good Maintenance

This might seem like common sense, but treating your eyelashes with TLC goes a long way! 🙂 This means,

  • Try your very best not to rub your lashes.
  • Try not to pick at them (You’ll be surprised. I’m guilty of it myself. A lot of people absentmindedly pick at their lashes!).
  • Also, when removing your makeup or strip eyelashes at night, do your very best to gently soak a cotton round with makeup remover, press it onto your eyes, and then GENTLY rub to remove makeup and strip eyelashes.
  • If you get eyelash extensions, make sure your technician puts the health of your lashes first! I recommend coming to see the experts at Her Eyes.

And finally, perhaps the BEST tip I can give you on how to make your eyelashes grow longer…

My Special Secret Weapon, LASH FOOD!

Lash Food is an amazing ALL NATURAL product that REALLY makes your eyelashes grow! Their unique serum doesn’t irritate the eyes either! Trust me, I’m a contact wearer, and prone to eye allergies and styes, and Lash Food hasn’t caused me ANY trouble. Basically, lash food has biotin, keratin and nano-peptides (like vitamins) that help stimulate growth naturally in the eyelashes. You can use the serum, which is clear and can be used morning and night. They also have a mascara and liquid liner, which are infused with the (pretty much) magical serum. I have been using the liner and mascara for the past three months. The first month, I noticed immediately that my lashes weren’t falling out as often. Also, the itty bitty ones on my inner and outer corners got longer and stronger. The second month, people started complimenting how pretty my eyelashes are, even asking me if my eyelashes were real! Let me tell you in my WHOLE life, I never received compliments on my eyelashes–not until Lash Food anyway. And now, in my third month, I actually noticed NEW growth.

Let’s recap:

  1. First Month, stronger lashes. Some longer. Less lashes falling.
  2. Second Month, tons of compliments. More length.
  3. Third Month, NEW growth I could see with my own eyes.

Stronger healthier lashes, compliments, and new growth. Sounds good to me! Now, these are just results from wearing the liner and mascara. And I don’t wear these EVERY day. Imagine the results from wearing the serum day and night?

Did I mention the best part? Lash Food can be used even if you have eyelash extensions! In fact, its the ONLY lash enhancer on the market suitable for extension wearers. How do I know? Because the product was MADE for extension wearers.

All natural, safe for use around the eyes, no side effects, and suitable for eyelash extensions. What an amazing product. I seriously can’t get over the results I’ve seen on myself and on my friends who have started using it. I encourage you to try LASH FOOD, and let me know how it goes for you in the comments below! Thank you for reading 😉

Below are pictures of my favorite LASH FOOD Products.

Number 1. Lash Food Liquid Liner. As a Latina who lives and grew up in LA, I NEVER leave the home without liquid liner, winged out. It’s instantly flattering!

Number 2. Lash Food Mascara. It completes any and every look 😉

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