How to Make your Lipstick Resist on your Lips

You probably don’t know what the reason is why your lipstick does not resist on your lips. But before sharing the secret tricks, let’s see a brief interesting history of the lipstick, one of the most beloved beauty products in a woman’s makeup.

A brief and interesting history of the lipstick

Lipsticks have been used since ancient times by famous women, such as Cleopatra as well as by popular queens, like England’s Elisabeth. Until nowadays, the lipstick has remained a beauty product that every woman has and uses with confidence.

It seems that the first women who invented and used lipsticks in ancient times originate from Mesopotamia. They applied precious stones on their lips. Some women from Ancient India decorated not only their lips but their entire face with a beauty product similar to lipsticks.

In Egypt, representatives of female sex have used a lipstick mixed of seaweed, iodine and bromine but they have been found as being very harmful for the human body. The famous Cleopatra has confectioned her lipstick by grinding a certain species of beetles that were producing carmine, giving a reddish aspect of the lips.

Tricks to make your lipstick resist for a longer time on your lips

We will tell you several essential tricks so that your lipstick could resist on your lips all day long – without getting removed, without petering out the color or not covering your lips thoroughly.

  • Exfoliate your lips before applying lipstick

Soft lips are the perfect base for your lipstick. It is important that you exfoliate your lips before applying lipstick on them. Pour a little bit of olive oil on a tooth brush and then gently massage your lips with it.

  • Remove lip balm from your lips before applying lipstick

One of the most common mistakes that ladies do is applying lipstick over the lip balm. The lip balm indeed maintains your lips hydrated, but you need to remove it before applying lipstick because oils from the lip balm create slippery layers that will not let your lipstick stay on your lips as it should and will not resist for a long period of time either.

  • Use your lip liner not only for contouring your lips

You can use your lip liner as a base, before applying lipstick – use it on the entire surface of your lips and not only for the contour. Thus, your lipstick will last for a longer period of time.

  • Use a napkin for eliminating lipstick excess

This is a crucial step, so that your lipstick could resist for a long time. Apply the first layer of your lipstick and then use a napkin to eliminate excess. Finally, apply another layer of your lipstick.

  • Use a brush for applying your lipstick on your lips

Makeup artists apply the lipstick on the lips with a brush, so that they can easily combine more shades or to create an ombré effect. There are special brushes designed for this purpose, but you can confidently use a medium-sized brush as well that you would use for applying the eye shadow.

How to Make your Lipstick Resist on your Lips

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