How to make your Skin and Hair Shine

Are you searching for a natural treatment that will perfectly fit your skin and make your hair shine? Probably, you’ve been trying for a longer period of time to find the appropriate remedy to tighten the pores and make your skin radiate. You may have used a lot of toning products, but you do not even suppose that the best toner is right among the food ingredients from your kitchen. Using it, you can prepare the natural, cheap toner, ideal for your skin and hair.

Why Rice Water Is so Efficient
Rice water comprises a wide variety of minerals and vitamins which are essential for our beauty, working fabulously for skin and hair. It is considered a secret of the Japanese geishas of providing skin without any imperfections. Asian women use rice water from ancient times, that is why they have such brilliant hair and glowing skin. Rice is most known to include in itself a complex of B vitamins. They stimulate blood flow, in this way enhancing cell growth and diminishing aging. Use it to tighten your pores on your face and provide a fine, healthy shine. Rice water also contains antioxidants and acts as a moisturizer, working great for your skin.

Rice water is not only a skin toner, it is also beneficial for hair. It has in its composition “pitera”, a substance that leaves the scalp clean and the hair shiny after washing.

Next time, after boiling rice, do not throw the remained water but use it to improve your beauty.

  • How to Make Your Skin Look Radiant – Rice Face Wash
  • Rice water can be used for face and hair wash.
  • Wash your face with rice water to make your skin soft and boost your tone.
  • Replace your toner with rice water, it is much more natural and healthier.
  • Apply rice water on areas of your face where you feel that your pores should be tightened.
  • While taking a shower, apply some rice water on your hair for making it bright. Be sure to wash off well the rice water.
  • Let it be one of the ingredients from the masks and scrubs which you use on your body.
  • You may also take a bath in rice water.
  • Mince some rice grains in a coffee mill and use them as a scrub for soft skin.

How to Prepare Rice Water:

  • a half of cup of rice
  • a half of cup of water
  • a bowl
  • 1 glass jar
  • cotton pads

Skin without Imperfections:
Fill half of cup with rice and pour water, so the grains to be fully covered. Let it stay for several minutes until the water becomes milky. If you consider that the rice is not clean enough, you can wash it before the process mentioned upper. The cloudy water which formed is a great skin toner. Use it like any other toner. Keep it in a glass jar in the fridge. It can be used for 4-5 days.

Rice water is also an excellent hair conditioner. After washing your hair with shampoo, apply some rice water on your scalp, massage it gently, leave for some minutes to act and then rinse out.

For a better result, boil the rice in water.
So, after the rice soaked a part of the water in which it stayed, boil the whole composition. After the rice water-cooled, apply it on your face with some cotton pads. Leave it for several minutes and after this wash off with cold water. Your skin will look amazing.

Healthy Hair
Brilliant hair can be achieved due to the fact that rice water contains proteins that help strengthen the hair roots and fill in the cracks.

Rice Water for Skin Conditions
Skin disorders like rashes or other types of irritation can be treated by applying rice water. It soothes pain and itch. If you suffer of atopic dermatitis, try to make a tradition of taking a 15-minute bath in rice water daily.

Rice Water for Internal Health
Drink rice water to maintain your whole body healthy. It includes 8 basic amino acids, which are fundamental for muscle regeneration. This miraculous beverage also gives energy for the whole day, having a high quantity of carbohydrates.

How to make your Skin and Hair Shine

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