How to obtain a Matte Complexion and get rid of Unsightly Shine

Summer can be a particularly difficult season for people with oily skin. When you sweat, the oily skin or that with oily tendencies shines even more than usual. The make-up tricks help you keep the shine under control, but there are other ways you can use to obtain a matte complexion.

1.Wash your face correctly
Despite the fact that the face wash solution removes the impurities from your face, it has a great influence in controlling the sebum under the skin. A solution that is not foamy, based on salicylic acid, helps to remove the oil from pores without drying the skin or cause the sebaceous glands to become over-productive to compensate for the dryness.
Even when your skin is not greasy, you should use a cleaning solution for acne. It will act delicately while removing the excess of sebum.

2.Avoid the cosmetics based on alcohol
The alcohol dries the skin, and when the skin is deprived of its natural fats, it starts producing even more. As a result, you will have an even more greasy skin. In order to avoid this cosmetic disaster, check the product labels before purchasing them. If alcohol is among the ingredients, forget about it.

3.Use the cosmetics based on water
Use the moisturising creams and lotions based on water instead of the ones based on oil, because they are lighter and are not loading the oily skin.

4.Don’t clean the skin too much
If you exfoliate the skin or clean it too much, you will deprive it of its natural oils (and, as it was mentioned above, it will produce even more oils to replace the missing amount), and as a result, you will have an even more oily skin. Choose the cleansers and creams without parabens and paraffin, which may irritate the skin, and apply a moisturising cream after washing.

5.Keep a healthy and balanced diet
Reduce the consumption of sugar, saturated fats (the ones coming from animal products) and trans fats (some of these fats are found in foods of animal origin, but others are obtained by partial hydrogenation of unsaturated fats), which are found in high amounts in junk food.
Instead, opt for monounsaturated fats (found in a variety of oils) from fruits and vegetables. This regime may help you prevent pimples and can regulate the sebum production.

Be your own beautician

If you will make a cosmetic treatment at home once or twice per week, you will control the sebum as long as you use the necessary products. Begin with a weekly exfoliation of the skin to clean the pores, continue with a mask containing exfoliant salicylic acid. “The masks containing these ingredients temporarily decrease the sebum production”, said Dr.  Tudor. Therefore, your make-up won’t need too much retouch during the day. If you still can’t get rid of brightness, or if your skin is very greasy, you can choose a chemical peeling at the beautician. The doctor will choose the necessary substance and concentration. Avoid trying such experiences at home, or else you can provoke burns which will cause scars and unsightly blemishes.

How to obtain a Matte Complexion and get rid of Unsightly Shine

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