How to pick the right false lashes

A pair of false eyelashes can create that glamour effect that you want, in the same way that you can give you an “artificial” and unnatural aspect. It is therefore important to know how to choose the right pair of false eyelashes that will finalize the makeup in a pleasant way. The first time I put on false eyelashes, I could not break away from the mirror.

I looked and I could not believe that was me. It changed my look, I loved it and then I said I will try to wear false eyelashes whenever I want more sophisticated makeup. But my luck was that I was helped by make-up artist, so we got a super effect. Also, the eyelashes we used it were a good quality.

Length, color and type of false eyelashes (band or individual) should be according to points that guide you. The issues listed above are very important when you put false eyelashes. Choose some slightly more expensive because they look better on your eyelids, creating a more natural look. I am convinced that you have tried at least once false eyelashes and you know what I mean. This accessory completely changes your makeup even it’s a quite banal one. However, wearing false eyelashes and looking your best, it is not so easy.

If you want to impress pleasantly, it is important to have in mind a few tips coming from specialists when you buy fake eyelashes, namely: opportunity where you wear and what kind of look you want to achieve (more natural or a dramatic one for evening). Equally important are the length and color you opt for and the type of eyelashes: the band or individual.

Next I’ll give you some tips to help you choose the perfect pair of false eyelashes. If you have not yet tried this enhancement of makeup, consider our advice that may be the detail that makes the difference!

6 Tips to choose the right pair of false eyelashes suited for a natural look or a dramatic look

1. Choose the color depending on your hair type. To create a more natural look, opt for false eyelashes that match your hair color. For example, blondes should choose some brown false eyelashes, while for brunettes dark brown are recommended black eyelashes. For a more dramatic look, like smoky eyes, black eyelashes match for everyone.

2. Check the length and density of eyelashes. The band type are longer and more frequent, created for evening makeup, while individual ones can be applied only in the corner of the eye to create a more natural makeup, day. Depending on the time of wearing, opt for the right ones.

3. Opt for false eyelashes that you can handle easily. Although individual eyelashes are preferred to achieve a more natural effect, they are more difficult to implement, because you have to glue them one by one. If you’re starting out in terms of applying false eyelashes, better choose some tape that can be “handled” easier.

4. Be careful on the symmetry. The most beautiful effect you get is when both false eyelashes start and stop at the same point, so be very careful when doing the two eyelids. It must have the same shape as the first one! Keep in mind that you can always short lashes if your eyes are too big.

5. Do not let your eyelashes “fall” over the eyes. Celebrities make mistakes sometimes, and in this respect, beauty experts give an example: Paris Hilton. So pay attention to this aspect. If lashes are too straight and too forward, use an eyelash curler and give them the volume they need.

6. If you want to “open” your eyes, choose eyelashes that are longer in the middle. But if your eyes are closer, it is better to opt for false eyelashes that are longer in the outer corners to create a great balance. For a more natural look, seek for eyelashes that have a natural shape. Those who have the same length are rather suited for a look like ’60s.
If you want to use several times the same false eyelashes my advice is to not to apply mascara on them. You can lengthen your natural eyelashes instead!

Source: cirandadem
Source: cirandadem

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