How to Prepare for your Wedding

How to Prepare for your Wedding:

Hello Beauties! Today’s blog post is all about How to Prepare for your Wedding.  As a professional esthetician, makeup artist and as a newly turned fitness enthusiast…I’ve got some great insider tips on How to Prepare for your Wedding.

*Note: This post is really about getting perfect skin, a better body, and the best makeup artist and hair stylist for your wedding. I’m a beautician, not a wedding planner. However, looking and feeling your best is just as important as booking the perfect venue! 😉

How to Prepare for your Wedding

Fix your Face
Of course, you’ll be wearing makeup on your wedding day. However, makeup looks best when its on smooth, clear skin. Take it from an esthetician important things you can do to maintain your skin are:

  • Get monthly facials from a spa with licensed professionals! Find a spa neaar you here.
  • Exfoliate daily with a cleanser that has AHAs. One of my favorites is Alba.
  • Change your pillow cases every week.
  • Wear non-comedogenic makeup. My favorite is from Benefit Cosmetics.

Hook up your Lashes
A few MONTHS before your wedding is a great time to experiment with lash enhancements. Try eyelash extensions!

  • Its a great way to add depth to your eyes while still looking way more natural than strip lashes.
  • Avoid last minute allergic reactions by testing a technician out a few months before the big day.
  • Check out my video on how to maintain eyelash extensions here.

Mold your Body
I’m currently trying the 21 Day Fix. Its a plan that covers all your bases. The package comes with work out DVDs, a booklet on how to eat healthy, containers to measure your food. It even comes with protein powder. The best part, its only a 3 week challenge. Who doesn’t have three weeks to commit to transforming their body? I’m going to be writing a blog about my entire experience with this challenge, so be on the look out!

Find the Perfect Stylist
If you’re near the Lakewood area, I highly suggest that you visit Vicki and Friends Hair Salon. I’ve personally worked with the stylists here on wedding jobs. I’ve seen how they scalp hair to glamourous perfection. I would trust no one else but them on my own special day!

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