How to prevent eyeliner to flow

Eyeliner or eye pencil is one of the most popular makeup products, but also one of the most problematic because it can make a beautiful makeup a real aesthetic disaster. Looking for a way to prevent eyeliner to flow and resist intact until the end of the day? We offer you the most useful ways to avoid doing this!

1. Use an eyeliner from a famous brand
There is not a show off, but a reality. Make an effort to buy eyeliner from a famous brand. You will notice that they last longer and the quality of color and texture is superior to that one purchased from the market boutique.

2. Apply a concealer
In most cases, traces of eyeliner occur under the folds of lower eyelids, giving the impression that you had a black eye. To prevent this problem, apply a concealer before using eyeliner. It will act as a barrier and eyeliner will stay in the right place.

3. Fix it!
One of the most effective tricks is to use a makeup. Apply a makeup over the pencil line in the same shade of eyeliner with a thin brush to fix it better. For a greater dramatic effect, you can wet a little the brush before applying makeup.

4. Choose the right type of eyeliner
The liner can be found in several variants: pencil, gel, powder, liquid. Choose item that suits your skin type. If you have oily skin, softer variants and liquids will flow more easily, so use a pencil.

5. The flash technique
The easiest and fastest way to keep eyeliner in place is to use a ear stick. Before applying, clean excess tears from the eyelids line with the ear stick, then apply eyeliner.

How to prevent eyeliner to flow

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