How to Prevent Split Ends

Hello Beauties! Today’s blog is about how to prevent split ends. I recently got engaged! My goal is to have long, luscious hair for my wedding. In order to reach this goal, I have been giving my hair “split ends boot camp” to ensure the healthiest hair possible. I can’t wait to tell you all about it.
How to prevent split ends

How to Prevent Split Ends:

In order to prevent split ends, you should commit to the following-
The right daily products
I don’t always wash my hair, but when I do, I use the best products. Ha! It’s true though. I use Aquage Shampoo and Intensive Conditioner. When I don’t wash, I use their dry shampoo.

After washing my hair, I style with Marrakesh products. I use their Argon & Hemp Oil Therapy:

  1. Detangler
  2. Oil
  3. Endz splits ends mender cream

I apply it all over and focus on the tips. I absolutely love the way these products makes my hair feel.

I let my hair air dry on the first day. One the second and third days, I refresh the tips with Marrakesh, and the roots with Aquage Dry Shampoo.

Deep Conditioning
Every other week, I deep condition my hair with coconut oil. I either leave it on while I clean the house, or cook. If I decide to leave it on over night, I put a towel on my pillow. Coconut oil works to coat the hair shaft and protect it from damage. Wash it out when your’re done and hello to healthy, glossy hair.

Protective Styles
Once my hair is clean and dry, I use protective styles to prevent damage. I feel my hair can split easily from friction against my collar or coat. Hair bands can cause tears. So, I use protective styles that prevent damage and look chic for any occasion.

The easiest protective style is a braid. And let’s be honest, braids are so hot right now.

Besides that, I like to use The Wrap Up for a hair do that will keep my hair up and out of the way. It also does not cause tears like elastic hair ties do.

I have also experimented with flexirods for curls. I’m still on the fence about these.

Silk Scarves at night
I bought the cutest polka dot silk scarf off of Etsy! I throw my clean hair in hear at night to protect it from friction and breakage. Silk pillows work too.

I hope you all liked these tips on how to prevent split ends. What are your favorite ways to prevent split ends? I’d love to read in the comments.

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