How to Seem Tireless without the Help of Makeup: 12 Tricks that Are Truly Efficient

Women do know tips how to look rested while using makeup – applying an eye cream with caffeine, pat a shimmery pale shadow in the inner corner of the eye, using mascara on top and bottom eyelashes, and, of course, blush and bronzer. However, exist other steps which will help you seem tireless without applying makeup. Here are 12 tricks which are truly efficient!

1.Do physical exercises in the morning.
It can be really hard for you to wake up an hour or two earlier for going to gym, but it is very efficient. The exercises in the morning prepare the organs, including the brain, the bones and the muscles to “wake up” and start working. It also makes your blood circulate, making your cheeks pink and offering you a healthy look.
If you do not want to go to gym, try, at least, to do some exercises at home, following a workout of 15-20 minutes from Youtube which fits your tastes. You may also opt for running or biking around your house several times.

2.Wear clothes of appropriate color.
To look more awake in the morning, do not use neutral colors. Also, black will not make you look fresh, because it throws dark shadows on your face, and the white color can make you look washed out. A wrong color will make you look even more tired, that is why it is very important to choose the right dressing.
If you have cool skin tone, then choose jewel tones of clothes: blue, pink, purple, blue-green, magenta, blue-based reds.
If you have warm skin tone, then choose earth tones of clothes: yellow, orange, brown, army, deep green, orange-based red, ivory.

3.Wash your face with cold water in the morning.
When you splash ice-cold water on your face, it is like a shock for brain and you quickly wake up. You may also try to turn off completely hot water in shower for about 10 seconds before coming out, it would offer your hair some extra shine as well. In the evening, put two spoons in fridge or freezer and in the morning place them on eyes for getting rid of puffiness.

4.Put on some earrings.
The right pair of earrings counts a lot – use those with stones or gems of soft color such as mint, emerald, turquoise, amethyst – they reflect wonderfully on the skin and eyes and makes your look less drowsy. The earrings will take away the attention from the small imperfections provoked by tiredness.

5.Drink big quantities of water during day.
Try to make a habit from having a bottle of water on your desk and refill it when it is needed. Water makes us not only feel, but also look more awake. In addition, the short walks to water cooler and bathroom will keep you moving.

6.Put aside the cell phone for night.
Researchers have demonstrated that the devices with LED displays, like iPhones and iPads, decrease the level of melatonin in body. Melatonin is the chemical which causes sleep, so reduced level of it will mean that you will fall asleep harder.

7.Practice the 20/20/20 rule.
If you have a job which involves staring at computer all day, try the 20/20/20 rule. Doctors tell that it decreases eye strain and redness. So, every 20 minutes, look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds.

8.Eat (or smell!) a citrus fruit, like grapefruit, orange, lemon.
Food products with flour and sugar are actually not recommended in the morning if you feel tired. Instead, introduce in your breakfast citrus fruits, full of vitamin C, which boosts your alertness and energy for the whole day. If you do not like to eat citrus, then simply smell it to shake up your brain and senses.

9.Put on dark sunglasses.
If you are feeling, and looking, more tired than usually, take a pair of sunglasses with you. It will not only hide the puffy and red eyes, but also will protect your eyes from tearing and swelling from bright light from outside. By the way, the ultraviolet rays are even more powerful on cloudy days.

10.Pass an allergy test.
Often, waking up with puffy, tired, watery eyes may be a symptom of allergy. In this case, you can do some tests for allergy to pollen. If you consider that you are allergic to pollen, try not to apply hair products, because the particles of pollen stick then to your hair and this aggravates the situation. Instead, put on a hat or cap when you are outside to prevent pollen from settling on your head.

11.Try practicing acupressure.
Some people tell that acupuncture is a great way to boost energy, but it lasts a little bit and you have to be ready to pay a cost. But you can try some acupressure, by pinching the point between your forefinger and thumb to become rapidly energetic.

12.Use eye drops.
Do not use eye drops every day, but just on days when you look really tired. If used for a longer period of time, they may cause even more irritation. Several drops in the appropriate time take away redness and puffiness.

Women apply makeup not only to emphasize their gracious parts of face, but also to hide the tracks of tiredness. However, there are tips which can help a woman look fresher in a natural way, without using makeup. Check out these tricks which I am sure you will find to be efficient!

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