How To Shape Your Eyebrows With Thread

First of all, you should draw the eyebrow shape you want with an eyebrow pencil. Cut the thread, and tie its end in a form of a loop.
Cut about 18 inches ( 45 cm ) of thread  and knot it at one end, making a loop.
Hold one portion of the thread in one hand, and the other part in another hand.

Now, twist the middle part about five to six times, keeping one part of the wire tightly. You’ll get a shape of infinity or hourglass. The thread is to release and shut this channel, a method similar to that of scissors. The hair will be removed by the twisted central part of the wire.
Set your hands away from the face and placed on an eyebrow. Position the triangle of the wire in such a way that the bristles are in the knot of the thread. Now, pull in the opposite direction of hair growth Close the fingers controlling the triangle around the hair simultaneously opening the second hand while making sure the thread is still over your skin. It will seem a little tricky at first, but once you learn the technique, it is easy.

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