How to Straight your Hair without a Hair Straightener

If you have curly hair and want to experiment with hair styles that involve straight hair, but you initially don`t want to invest in a hair straightener, there is still a solution – you can straight your hair with staples. All you have to do to naturally straight your hair is to wash your hair like you usually do, to use a balm in the end and to finally comb your hair very well, while it is still wet, so you can straighten your hair as much as possible.

If you also have special oil for your hair, this is the right moment to use it. Then straight well each strand and get all your hair in big clips at every 10 centimeters.

You can go to sleep with the hair clips on your head, because the best results will be possible to notice after several hours. When you`ll eliminate the staples, you`ll see that your hair is considerably straighter, but small curls will be also viewable in the areas where the clips stood. Comb your hair again and while you straighten your hair with the comb, use a fixative hair spray.

Your hair will straighten after several minutes, however considering that you didn’t use a styling instrument with warm basis, your new hair will last for only several hours or until the first rain.

How to Straight your Hair without a Hair Straightener

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