How To Style a Whimsical Waves Hairstyle

How To Style a Whimsical Waves Hairstyle

Steps :

  • 1 : start by adding some dry shampoo and texture spray for lift.
  • 2 : clip in extensions for volume and lenght.
  • 3 : use a wand hair curler to add soft waves, not curling to tight.
  • 4 : clip in more extensions to each layer of hair.
  • 5 : repeat curls & spray light hair spray.
  • 6 : leave the ends a bit straight so the look is soft and airy.
  • 7 : lightly finger comb hair up-ward for more added texture.
  • 8 : leave the bangs soft and curling it only at the tips.
  • 9 : finish the look with a shine spray.

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