How to tape your breasts for a backless outfit

I’ve finally found the perfect dress to wear. It’s strappy, it’s backless, it’s black and sexy. However I also have to cram some big ol’ boobs into that dress as well. I’ve tried using those stick on bras a couple of times, however they really aren’t made for anyone who is larger than a C cup and they don’t provide any support at all.

However, I’ve heard you can use duct tape, masking tape, or medical skin tape to do the same thing…. but how you might ask? Well look, I found the directions! So listen up girls, here is how to tape your boobs up so you can have good support, great cleavage, in your backless top or gown. First start with clean skin, no lotions, powders, etc.

For strapless or non low-cut gowns:
Step 1 While leaning over a bit (to give the boobs a lift) I usually start by using a strip of tape (about 12-16 inches long depending on how big you are or where your dress is cut) from one side of boobs (end of tape pointing toward armpit), under the boobs (pulling them together a bit), then up the other side of boobs (with this end pointing toward other armpit).
 Step 2 (You can stand up straight for the rest) I take a strip of tape and place it horizontally across boobs while pulling them together for cleavage and to where it covers nipples, being sure each end touches the previous tape strip on the side (near armpits).
Step 3 A third strip can be placed above the second for reinforcement, pulling the boobs together again.

For low cut gowns is this:
Step 1 (Leaning forward a bit) Place strip of tape on side of boob, tape in a diagonal (pointing toward opposite hip), but not necessary to go completely to other side. Repeat with other boob.
Step 2 Place strip of tape above previous strip, overlapping a little,while pulling boob to position you would like it to be (more or less cleavage) covering the nipple and ending close to where other strip ended. Repeat for other boob.

Your tape strips can cross one another or can be made to not cross if your dress is really low cut.

How to tape your Breasts for a backless outfit

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