How to use mascara and avoid eye infections

When is not used properly, mascara, one of those cosmetic products which we use every day, can endanger the health of the eyes. Here’s how you can protect your eyes from the harmful effects of mascara. According to experts, when you choose a mascara you should keep in mind to check the label and see if it has oil in its composition. An extended use of this type of mascara will result in thinning or disengage your eyelashes from the eyelid.

In addition, consistent layers of mascara on the eyelashes are more difficult to remove and thus you will be tempted to use rub your eyes and they eyelashes will break or even fall.

Mascara and dangerous microorganisms
Moreover, inside the tube of mascara easily grow bacteria. According to Women’s Health, citing a survey of brazilian researchers, published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science, your mascara might be full of such microorganisms.
After analyzing 40 tubes of mascara, the scientists found that 79% of them were contaminated with staph. They say that the dark, moist environment it is favorable to grow these harmful bacteria, especially in situations where it is more than three months since you opened the product and you continue to use it. In addition, 86% of study participants admitted that they do not throw this object even after three months since the opening.
“The eyes are an vulnerable area to infections,” said bacteriologist Kelly Reynolds, assistant professor at the University of Arizona. “There are lots of pores open to the roots of eyelashes, with glands and tear ducts,” reads the source. In addition, if you wear contact lenses, you can transmit bacteria to mascara brush, which goes straight into the tube, where it multiply.

How to protect your mascara against the bacteria
Write down the date of opening the tube, this is the first and best method that you have. Avoid use it every 3 months thereafter.
Mascara is a product for personal use only, that means only for your eyes. If you share it with your best friend, for example, she risks an infection from you due to possible bacteria.
The main impediment when it comes to using and then throwing mascara is that after three months, the tube is still almost full and do not bear to throw it. Therefore it is recommended to buy smaller tubes that will be consumed faster.
As a general rule, products that contain water among the ingredients have the shortest shelf life. After opening the water encourage the proliferation of bacteria and other microbes. Also bacteria susceptible to contamination and degradation from exposure to air are products that contain plant extracts, whether in pure form- extracts or mixtures. Just think how quickly the fresh fruits alter!

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