How to wash your hair without a Shampoo – Method NO-POO

No-poo method which involves washing the hair without shampoo is healthier,cheaper and faster hair growth.Here’s how it’s done :  No-poo method is a way you wash your hair without using shampoo.There are many variations,but the most popular is the one that uses baking soda and vinegar.

Why give up shampoo and conditioner
When washing your hair normal,shampoo-which is actually a detergent-remove all traces of dirt and sebum.As a result,the hair will be dry and you feel the need to use conditioner to replace “oil” naturally produced by your scalp with an artificial one.
Another effect is that the dry shampoo scalp.And dry skin,be it skin or scalp,trying to defend himself and produce more sebum.This explains the fact that some people have very oily hair only one day after washing and often have to repeat the operation.
What happens when you use the NO-POO
Because there’s no touched by the shampoo,hair retains sebum and scalp is no longer irritated by chemicals,so it has a tendency to produce excessive sebum.You’ll notice that you can stay a few good days without wash your hair.And if you have a normal or dry hair you will be able to wash even once a week.
If you use longer no-poo method,you will notice that your hair becomes softer,easier to comb and hairdressing,brighter loops are “calmer” and more defined.It seems that hair grows faster and obviously do not need to spend money on shampoos and conditioners masks expensive.
How to wash your hair without shampoo
1. Mix one tablespoon of baking soda with one cup of water.Apply the solution to the scalp-no need to apply for the entire length of the hair-and massage gently.Then give a few minutes’ standing to act as finish the shower.
2. Mix two tablespoons of vinegar with one cup of water.It would be ideal to have a bottle container in which to put the solution.After you’ve rinsed bicarbonate and water paste,apply on hair length-not on the scalp-solution of water and vinegar.Leave it to act one minute,then rinse thoroughly.
How to wash your hair without a Shampoo – Method NO-POO

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