How to Wear Dark Lips

Hello beauties! Today’s blog is all about How to Wear Dark Lips. Dark lips are super in and super hot nowadays. The dark lips trend started in the fall. Even though its springtime, dark lips still translate into the season. For instance,

The most important thing about dark lips is to keep the face balanced. When it comes to makeup, one must choose to either emphasis the eyes or lips. With dark lips, the face must have soft makeup to frame the lips and balance them. The best way to wear dark lips is to wear the following:

Even toned face. Use your favorite foundation or BB cream to smooth out your face’s texture and tone.

Bold brows.
Bold Brows are the perfect way to balance a bold lip. The brows will frame your eyes and face shape, so that the dark lips don’t wash you out. The bold brows below the forehead and dark lips above the chin add a beautiful symmetry to the face that is SO trendy right now!! It’s a modern beauty that is becoming classic in its time.

Soft blush. Avoid heavy blush with dark lips or you can risk looking clownish. Less is more.

Contour your face. Properly contouring with matte bronzer will bring out your bone structure. A contoured face, bold brows and bold lips are the “it” look right now. The best part is that it flatters every woman.

Soft matte shadows. Defined crease. Dark lashes with lots of mascara.

There you have it. Pro tips from your favorite beauty blogger on how to wear dark lips. What’s your favorite lip color? I’d love to read in the comments. Until next time. Stay beautiful!social-share-display display=”1571496122″ force=”true”]

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