How to Wear Vintage 1920s Looks

Hello beauties! Today’s post is all about How to Wear Vintage 1920s Looks. Rocking Old Hollywood style beauty is so trendy right now! The glamourous looks of the 1920s possess a classic beauty that, when worn in a modern fashion, can flatter every woman. From hair to makeup, rocking 1920s looks can make you feel more feminine than ever! So here are pro tips from your favorite beauty blogger on how to wear vintage 1920s looks.

How to Wear Vintage 1920s Looks

How to Wear Vintage 1920s Looks

Red lips. Any and every woman looks sexier with red lips. The key is to wear the right kind of red! For example,  Black women look best with a lip stain. Tarte makes beautiful ones. They can wear cool or warm. Light skin can pull off a classic bright red, with cool undertones. Loreal’s Infallible Rouge in Ravishing Red is a perfect example.  Olive skin looks better with a deeper warmer red. Melt Cosmetics’ 6six6 is a perfect, warm, deep red.

Lashes. Lashes will make your eyes look deeper and more mysterious. This is the perfect modern take on the sexy and fun 1920s flapper. Pair strip lashes with wing liner or a smokey eye and va va voom!

Brows. In the old days, thin eyebrows were hot. That is not the case now. So remember to wear these classic looks in a modern fashion by filling in your eyebrows. The perfect eyebrow will frame your eyeshadow and balance your bold lips.

Hair. Soft waves scream vintage glamour! You can achieve this look in two ways. Either curl your hair and then pin it, or throw up your hair in rollers. Then apply Brylcreem to the tips to condition them. Finally, with a boar bristle brush, brush out the curls to soften them.

I hope you all liked these easy to follow tips on how to add a little vintage glamour to your every day look. I believe every woman can add a little bit of that Old Hollywood Beauty to her look, in order to feel timelessly beautiful. How do you add glamour to your every day look? I’d love to read in the comments! Until next time. Stay beautiful.

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