Hyperpigmentation and how to get rid of it

Brown spots, any kind of discoloration on your face is not something to make you look better, but it’s something that happens sometimes, no matter how much you take care of your skin. It appears because of old age, sun exposure, immunity problems and so on.

They do appear on top of the skin, but they are way deeper than you’d expect, therefore scrubs and other superficial treatments aren’t effective.

What could work instead is something that is absorbed into the skin and works from inside out. The products that work in such a case are the ones that contain active ingredients (retinol, exfoliants, vitamin C etc.) For this specific problem, of hyperpigmentation, you have yet to choose the best one. I will tell you about 2 and how they work, in order to pick your favorite or mix them without any bad consequences.

The first one is AHA acids. Those acids are extremely good for skin that’s been overexposed to the sun because it tends to “eat” all the dead cells from the top, while, in time, curing all the damaged cells from the skin. This is a product that you apply on your entire face (not only on discoloration spots) and it helps a lot to even out and brighten your entire complexion. It comes in different concentrations (from 5% for daily use to 12% – weekly use or 20-30 % – professional peeling done by dermatologists).

If you’re using this you have to keep in mind that it makes your skin a bit more sensitive to the sun, therefore you have to wear SPF protection daily, no matter how cloudy/sunny it is outside. Also, if you’ve never used exfoliants before, please use them at night, cause it gives your skin more time to absorb it before going out.

The second thing that works is vitamin C. You can find this is creams, serums, toners or in spot treatments. Using a cream or serum is good in time, but it doesn’t make a huge difference if you have very visible hyperpigmentation spots. Instead, you can find treatments with 25% vitamin C (for example Paula’s Choice has one) and are applied only on the damaged area and that does help.

If you want to try this method, make sure the products you buy are in opaque containers that neither allows air inside. Vitamin C is quite unstable if exposed to air/light and it will lose all its benefits way faster than it’s supposed to.

Make sure you wear SPF after applying vitamin C (outside in the daylight, of course). Actually, make sure you wear SPF anyway since this is something that stays at the root of hyperpigmentation anyway.

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