Is your Child Biting his Nails? Here is how you can Make him Unlearn this Habit

Probably, you have already wondered that your child might be anxious or stressed because of a certain thing. And you are perfectly right about believing this because biting nails is part of the ‘nervous’ habits. This is also possible to do because your little one is bored or because he is imitating a loved one. Some children opt for biting their nails for replacing the nipple or their fingers. Biting nails appears both at boys and girls, but in the first situation, unlearning takes more time. It is both an unaesthetic and unhealthy habit.

This biting might cause in children nail pain, deformation, bleeding and bacterial infections, because open injuries on the cuticles (the thin skin that surrounds the nails) are guaranteed ways for the bacteria to get into the organism. In order to help your child stop with this habit, you need to find out the reason why he bites his nails, and the methods that can help him get rid of it.

Do you want to know what psychiatric doctors say about people biting their nails? This is a common habit met by millions of people. Even if it is considered as being a harmless habit, psychologists warn that the habit might have at its base dangerous mental illnesses. Even if it’s about children or adults, millions of people around the world are biting their nails. According to doctors, biting nails might transform into a very dangerous vice, because it is harder to give up with it than with smoking. There are a number of studies led by doctors related to biting nails, and doctors are seriously thinking about considering it a serious sign of obsessive-compulsive behavior.

Biting nails is considered to be a very serious habit when the patient practices it and causes so intense pain that his hands become practically useless, because provoked injuries can lead to severe infections.

How to help your little one give up with biting his nails?
It is good to cut short nails and to keep his hands busy, so that he would not be bored. Purchase her a marionette doll, an anti-stress ball or a yoyo-type toy that will replace biting nails. If you notice that someone around your little one bites his nails, it would be good that the certain person will also give up with this habit.

Even more than that, try to observe the moment when your little one starts to bite his nails, identify the problems that make him become anxious and talk to him about what makes him become upset. Even if it will be hard for you, try to ignore his habit. Do not scold and do not punish him. Congratulate him when he doesn’t bite his nails, in the circumstances when he doesn’t do it but he would have done it before.

Pay attention to injuries provoked by nail biting! If your little one causes extremely deep injuries to himself and there are signs that tell you that the situation is worsening, it is ideal to go with him to a pediatric doctor.

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