Do You Know, You Can Use Castor Oil for Hair Growth?

You might have heard that castor oil can be used as an effective cleansing agent on your skin. But, do you know that this oil can help you with effective care of your hair? Yes, this oil has the ability to stimulate the growth of your hair and can help you achieve faster hair growth.

In olden days before the introduction of skin care products, women were using castor oil both for their skin and their hair. But, nowadays, women feel that only expensive cosmetics will help with the safe care of their hair and skin. Women are recommended to understand the benefits of castor oil and they should use this naturally safe remedy for hair growth, rather than relying on cosmetics.

Why is castor oil good for hair growth and skin care?

The reason for the goodness of this oil for hair and skin care is that it is rich in Vitamin E content. This vitamin provides the ability to this oil to fight against fungi and bacteria. This helps in prevention of acne and also hair loss.

What makes castor oil the best hair growth stimulant?

This oil is identified as the best oil for the hair follicle and scalp and so it prevents hair loss. Once you start using this oil, you will find that conditions like folliculitis and dandruff disappear pretty quickly and they do not come back as well. The reason for this is that this oil has the substance called ricinoleic. This helps with maintaining the right pH level in the scalp and also stimulates the effective blood circulation. This oil will also ensure that the scalp gets the oil it needs for healthy growth. In addition to restoring the damaged hair, this magic oil gives better strength and smoothness to the hair strands.

What do the users say?

People, who have used castor oil for their hair, have to say that this oil has helped them achieve hair growth nearly three times faster as compared to what happened before they used this oil. For instance, when you start using this oil for a couple of times a week, you will see that the hair gets a couple of inches longer with thicker strands. In addition, you will see new tiny hair follicles come up in your scalp. But, with these things known, here comes to question what type of castor oil should be used. Let us find the answer here:

Type of castor oil to use for hair growth:

You will come across different types of castor oil in the market and the ideal one to choose is cold pressed oil with a low concentration of hexane. To ensure easiness and convenience in applying, you can use castor oil in combination with jojoba or argan oil. The reason is that these two oils can liquefy the thick texture of castor oil, thereby making it easy to spread over your hair.

How to apply?

To mix the above-mentioned essential oils, you can bring together three spoons of castor oil, a spoon of jojoba and a spoon of coconut oil. Use this combination oil and spread the mixture from root to the end to ensure that the entire area is covered. Remember to massage your scalp for nearly 5 minutes to make sure that blood circulation is stimulated and then wash gently.

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