Lash Extensions: What to Expect During Your Service

Hello beauty babes and lash lovelys everywhere! Today’s blog post is all about what to expect during a lash extensions service. Whether it’s your first time getting eyelash extensions, or if you’ve been getting fills forever, this blog post will offer great advice on how your artist should treat you and your lashes during the service! So read up because this blog is chock full of do’s and Dont’s of how your lash lady should be working on you during the service!

I’m offering my professional perspective today because I used to intern at Her Eyes Bar, The Eyelash Extensions Boutique. There, I learned all about providing the best lash extensions service possible, under the wing of Shanelle S. Shanelle is one of only 7 nationally certified JB lash trainers. If you haven’t heard, JB is leading the industry of lash extensions…on a global level!! Shanelle is the owner and master lash artist at Her Eyes. Under her guidance, not only did I learn how to create beautiful looks with extensions; I also learned how to protect my client, and provide them with the most luxurious service possible. I’m going to share everything I learned at Her Eyes with you, so you know exactly what to look for in a lash artist.


What to Look For in a Lash Artist

First off, whoever does your eyelashes MUST be a lisenced Cosmotologist or Esthetician. Licensed Nail techs (in California) are lisenced to do nails only–not extensions, not waxing. Only nails. No exceptions. Your lash artist’s cosmo or esthetics license should be on display at her work area.

Secondly, it’s preferable to see a lash artist who’s certified to do extensions. This ensures more quality work.

Try to go to a salon that focuses on eyelash extensions, instead of a hair or nail salon at just “happens” to do them.

Your artist should never jump into the service without first consulting you. At the beginning of your service, she should ask you questions, offer options, and even show pictures of the different looks she can create for you.

Your technition should also always take precaution before a service, by taping down your lower lashes. This will eliminate the possibility of gluing your eyes shut.

If you’re technition goes above and beyond by taping your lashes down with eyepads and medical grade tape (some places just use paper tape, comparable to masking tape), she’s a keeper! For example, at Her Eyes, the staff uses anti-aging collagen pads along with medical tape to protect the eyes during the service. So not only are your eyes completely protected, but you can also indulge in an anti-aging treatment while you get serviced!

Your eyes should always, ALWAYS, be closed during the service. The fumes from glue BURN the eyes!

Look for a lash artist who glues ONE extensions to ONE eyelash hair. Avoid technitions who use “flares” (three extensions on a bulb), or who glue clumps of extensions to clumps of your lashes are a big no-no!

I hope you find this advice useful. Do you have any other questions about what to expect during a lash extensions service? Please contact me with your questions, or post them in the comments! I’d love to read them and get back to you.

As always, thanks for reading!!

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