A lasting Pedicure in 5 Simple Steps

In summer, the pedicure has not just to provide healthy nails, but also beautiful nails. But, because of the permanent exposure of the toes, the summer pedicure does not always last as long as we would like!
If you want your pedicure to show impeccable more time, here is what you have to know:

  1. Prepare your nails as it should. It is essential before applying the nail polish for the nails to be perfectly clean, without any foot cream or balsam on them, that is why it is better before applying the nail polish to wipe the nails with some sanitary alcohol.
  2. Use products of the same brand. It is not necessarily a marketing scheme. Simply two products of the same brand are possible to interact better than two of different brands. It is available especially for those who opt for a French pedicure.
  3. Don’t underestimate the importance of a topcoat. It is important for maintaining the nail polish shine and, also, it protects it, which means that the nail tips will not peel so quickly and no nail polish will split.
  4. Don’t forget that in summer not only the nails are exposed to sight. Your legs also have to show impeccably. So don’t forget to have at your office and at home a hydrating cream for feet that will provide their hydration.
  5. Re-application. To maintain the nail polish shine, do not forget to apply a layer of topcoat every two days.


There are also several tips that have to be taken into account and applied between your sessions of pedicure:

  • The usage of pumice stone during pedicure is a known thing, but try to use the pumice stone oftener, and more precisely during your regular bath or shower. In this way, you remove the dead skin cells and keep your feet’ beauty and hygiene under control. But don’t rub too hard. After this procedure, dry well your feet and apply a moisturizer.
  • If your skin is dry on your feet, opt for some foot masks. The simplest one is probably that of putting a good amount of Vaseline on feet and a pair of socks. Leave it to act overnight. In the morning you will enjoy your soft skin. Repeat this procedure twice per week.
  • If you do not have Vaseline, you can use olive oil. Apply a little bit on your feet and wrap them in a warm towel for ten minutes. In this way, you will have soft and supple skin till your next pedicure.

Prepare your toenails in the most voguish and healthy manner, to impress everybody with your fabulous summer pedicure.

A lasting pedicure in five simple steps

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