Lemon Sugar Hand Scrub

The Lemon Sugar Hand scrub mixture is effective in restoring your finger tips to its natural and freshly look; it also helps to invigorate your finger and gives it an attractive look. The sugar in this mixture serves as a gritty substance which helps to scrub the craft snippets from your nails beds and cuticle. More so, this ingredient does not take much time to blend; its barley five minutes time and also the required ingredients for this recipe is most affordable, in fact you may even have it in your storeroom.

  • For a required quality of this recipe, you have to follow the directions below
  • Start by mixing 15 sp of sugar with four sp of extra virgin olive oil
  • Put lemon juice form a half lemon
  • For a better smell I grated the lemon’s peel and add it to the mixture ( this will reduce the smell of olive oil )
  • With these ingredients you will be able to make about 5.3 oz jar
  • Make sure you mix it thoroughly until a gritty substance is formed then pour it into a container and make sure you cover it with the lid.

You can get the labels from here: Lemon Sugar Hand Scrub Labels

Lemon Sugar Hand Scrub 2

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