Lipstick tricks you don’t know

Whether you’re a fan of lip-gloss or nourishing lip balm I’m sure that at least once in life you used lipstick. And because it implies something more than a gloss effort in implementing common and hiding more secrets than a natural balm, I thought to tell you certain things about lipsticks, which are not well known. Here they are:

How to properly apply lipstick?
You must know that there is a general rule. Some women prefer to apply it with a brush, most simply, or directly from the container, but might apply with your finger is the best one. You can apply as you want, after all … it is important to reach your lips.

The liner is used before or after the lipstick?
Like the lipstick, we will meet several methods. Most women prefer to apply liner before lipstick, in order to better define the lip contour. However you’ll also meet women who say that the correct order is after the lipstick.

Watch the liner’s color
Well defined lips look great, but beware of the shade that is identical to that of lipstick. Otherwise, a dark liner will not look good no matter how you apply them correctly you.

Do not apply a sample of lipstick! Never!
It is totally unhygienic and it is possible to wake up with herpes! Lipstick should be tested best in the palm or wrist.

If you do not like the color of a lipstick, do not throw it
Make-up artists always say that very beautiful colors can be combined. So if you do not like the color of a lipstick, try before you throw it to merge with another color. You might obtain the final color that you like.

To leave no traces of lipstick on a glass, slightly moisten your lips with your tongue before drinking. You will see that no trace of lipstick remains.Traces of lipstick on teeth can be avoided if you pass a napkin or even a finger over the lips. You’ll notice that excess lipstick will be removed and this way you will not have any unpleasant surprise.

In emergency cases, lipstick can be used as blush. But blush as lipstick, never.
How to fix a broken lipstick. If your favorite lipstick was broken and you want to restore it, the flame heats the broken part. When you see that it starts to melt slowly put it in its place and then in the fridge for 30 minutes, uncovered.

Lipstick tricks you don’t know


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