Long Lasting Lip Color Tutorial

Did you notice that even if you are always attentive to the way you apply lipstick on your lips, the color doesn’t remain uniform on the lips or doesn’t last so much like you would wish for? The lipstick represents an important part of every woman’s makeup. If you want to have perfectly contoured and outstanding lips and want to learn how to make your lipstick resist all day long on your lips, discover the secret in today’s article.

It is understandable why at special events you really want to see the same effect of the lipstick even at the end of the day, just like when you applied it at the beginning of the day.

In addition, along with long-lasting lipstick on your lips, you can also choose a lip gloss for a long lasting effect or a lip liner that highlights the shape of your lips and it offers them a truly irresistible aspect. At special events but in everyday life too, you don’t want to run to the bathroom after every glass of water or every meal that you had, just because you have to re-apply your lipstick every time. This is something embarrassing as well as annoying, so if you want to say goodbye to this problem forever, follow the guidelines written down in this article.

The truth is that for obtaining your lipstick to resist all day long on your lips, it is very important to know how to correctly apply the makeup products that you involve in the makeup of your lips, but let’s not forget about the steps that you need to take, prior to creating the makeup. The way you clean, hydrate and scrub your lips totally depend on the way your lipstick will look on your lips and how long it will last on them.

Cleaning, exfoliating and hydrating your lips are the very first steps in the makeup of your lips. Each of these steps has a significant role in how much will the lipstick stay and how well it will look on your lips. If your lips are chapped, the lipstick will look unaesthetic on them. But when they are properly exfoliated and hydrated, you will be amazed by the results that you obtained with your own hands. So, let’s see the steps that you need to take for preparing your lips, and then teach you to correctly apply your favorite lipstick.
1. Apply a lip balm and massage your lips with your fingers.
2. A good way to get rid of any extra skin on your lips is to rub them with a very clean toothbrush.
3. Use a translucent powder as a lip primer, this will act as a base for the lipstick.
4. Line your lips carefully with the lip color you plan to use.
5. Fill the rest of your lips with the liner.
6. Apply the lipstick with the tube itself or a lip brush, applying with a lip brush will aid to a lasting color.
7. Lightly blot your lips on a napkin.
8. Set your lips with a translucent powder.
9. Re-apply lipstick for one last coat and you will have a lip color that can last up to 8 hours more comfortably than many popular “long lasting” lipstick brands.

Long Lasting Lip Color Tutorial

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