Longer, Stronger and Healthy Lashes Naturally

Having gorgeous long and strong eyelashes make your eyes more catchy and appealing. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky to have healthy and naturally voluminous eyelashes. In order to be an owner of such “jewelry”, one must consume healthy food, but it is also hereditary. Some useful pieces of advice on how to have longer, more healthy, and more voluminous eyelashes are:

 Remove Eye Makeup:
Like everything in our body, eyelashes grow and recover during the night rest, so it is very important to remove the makeup in order to let the eyelashes grow and recover properly. Chemicals that are a significant part of makeup ingredients have a negative impact on eyelashes ‘ growing and recovering capacities. Make sure that all the makeup is properly removed, and the eyelashes are abundantly washed with clean water. While doing that remember to be gentle, so the eyelashes not to be damaged. It is also recommended to use olive oil in the washing process as some of the makeup components can’t be fully removed with water. Doing that will not only leave the eyelashes clean but also will feed and sustain them.

Petroleum Jelly:
If the pure petroleum jelly is applied to the eyelashes every night, it provides them support in growing and recovering.
It is an affordable way to get voluminous eyelashes. Apply the petroleum jelly and remove it only after your night rest.

Green Tea:
Soak a tea bag of organic green tea without any sweet additions in a reservoir with warm water and wait until the mixture cools down, make sure it takes longer than 10 minutes. Moisten a cotton ball in the reservoir’s content and apply it carefully to your eyelashes (the eyes must be closed). Keep the moistened cotton balls on your eyelashes for as long as you can and after this wash abundantly with cool, clean water. This procedure will increase eyelash growth and will make them healthier. To make the positive impact on growth even more evident, mix 1 tablespoon of natural green tea and 2tablespoons of olive oil and apply this mixture on your eyelashes.

Olive oil or even castor oil are good products for hair cell growth.
Applying at night olive or castor oil to your eyelashes and letting it stay till the morning will stimulate the growth of eyelashes. For the commodity of applying the oil, you can use an old properly cleaned mascara bottle and its brush. Remember to wash the oil from your eyelashes in the morning.

Massage Eyelid:
Massaging eyelids will increase blood flow in eyelids and, as a result, natural feeding of the eyelashes will be at a higher level which will inevitably conduct to better growth and recovery. It will also prevent the fall of the eyelashes. The procedure must take around 10 minutes daily for providing longer and more voluminous eyelashes.

Vitamin E:
Vitamin E applied to eyelashes will also provide better growth, and if applied to the scalp – will reduce irritations. Vitamin E offers your eyelashes strength and prevents breakage. For ease of applying use the same trick as with the oil, using an old mascara bottle with an eye brush. There is no shortage of Vitamin E tablets, so you can easily find them in the market. You can break one Vitamin E tablet each time.

Aloe Vera Gel:
The most affordable natural way of having more voluminous and longer eyelashes is aloe vera gel. Applying aloe vera gel and 2 drops of jojoba oil will not only help their growth but will also moisturize your eyelashes. Stay with this applied mixture for as long as you can so the eyelashes can fully benefit from it.

You can substitute commercial products available on the market for eyelash growth with these natural solutions to get fuller and healthier lashes.

Longer, stronger and healthy lashes naturally

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