Look into the mirror & Read your lips

You may not even know it, but lips betray our personal character. The experts in face reading tell that they mostly uncover how we behave in a relationship, but also they can “tell” how we are like with our family, friends and strangers. First of all, assure yourself that you have no lipstick on your lips, that could change the result on the test. Then, relax and don’t think about anything.

If you feel that your face is totally relaxed, look in the mirror and analyze the form of your lips. Once you have remembered how your lips are in a relaxed position, now search for its meaning:

1.Wrinkles on lips – they show that you are a passionate, but at the same time serious person. You are delicate and very popular because you are always ready to help.

2.Small and round mouth – you are a type of person that is capable to do anything and achieve success. You have a powerful character, ready to give help anytime. You do not like to combine work with personal life, that is why you do not like to discuss with someone about your personal problems.

3.If you usually have your mouth open – You are a joyful character and do not take life serious. People like you no matter where you go, you gain quickly popularity. Often, persons like you have no adversaries. You are a dreamer, meeting problems with concentration at your job.

4.Gummy smile – You are a perfectionist. You have goals which are difficult to achieve. However, you work hard to succeed and don’t even think about giving up.

5.Protruding mouth – Your soul is open, you are sociable and lively. You connect with people very easy, because you also have numerous hobbies. Emotive in love, you give everything from you just to save your love and keep the fire of feelings burning.

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