How to make your own eye wrinkle serum with only two ingredients

After the age of 40’s, women begin to worry about wrinkles around the eyes. Crow’s feet and fine lines under the eyes seem to have no cure after this age. But it is not like that. There is a highly effective remedy that can be made from just two ingredients. One of them is argan oil, known for its properties for skin care and hair. It has amazing results regardless skin type, including acne, eczema, psoriasis or chickenpox.

Argan oil is good for the organism too; it doesn’t only works on beauty rituals. Strengthens the immune system, improves blood circulation and reduce blood cholesterol. It serves tract and reduce inflammation of the stomach. It is excellent in the fight against arteritis and rheumatic diseases. His natural compounds, sterols, are beneficial because they have anti-inflammatory properties and good in fighting cancer. Argan oil can be used as a toner, but also as a great aphrodisiac.

If you use this type of oil on your eye serum, you should know that it has double effects: anti-aging effect, rejuvenates and helps get rid of wrinkles and toning and smoothing your under eye area.
But there is another wrinkle recipe which is excellent for wrinkles removal and helps the process of skin rejuvenation. It is a cosmetic preparation of only two ingredients: argan oil and vitamin E. Both ingredients can be found in herbal stores.

– Argan oil 50ml
– 5 capsules of vitamin E
– 2 cottons pad

How to prepare it:
Prepare a homogeneous mix, combining the argan oil with the capsules of vitamin E. Once you have obtained a homogeneous composition, soak the cottons in the solution and gently massage the eyes area. You can let them on your eyes for ten minutes, during which you can relax by lying down. Then, remove the cottons and gently massage the skin around the eyes using your fingers.

If you use regularly this serum you will have the desired results very quickly. It is best to apply the solution in small amounts every night. Regular use will make your skin look younger, more elastic, silky and shiny.

How to make your own eye wrinkle serum with only two ingredients

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