How to make your eyes look 10 years younger

Do you have a tired look, and can’t get rid of dark circles and wrinkles? Do not worry, because you can rectify the situation with makeup and natural remedies. For a rejuvenated look, here are some tricks that can use!

Helpful rosewater
For a youthful look, turn to rosewater. You can apply several times a week rosewater compresses in the evening, half an hour before bedtime. Put the compresses in the morning, not only in the evening to banish any trace of fatigue.
Marigold, against puffiness
Marigold leaves can be used when you want to get rid of bags under the eyes. 2-3 ml of tincture is enough (prepared from 20 g of macerated plant for eight days in 100 ml of alcohol) to 100 mL of boiling water. After cooling, make compresses with this tincture and apply them on the eyelids.
Use black mascara
Black mascara is ideal to create a sharp look. Use mascara with a special brush, which has an increasing effect of the eyelashes. Also, do not forget to use a concealer that hides imperfections.
Potatoes banishes dark circles
Cucumber casters are suitable remedies to remove dark circles. The potassium content of potatoes can do this. To take advantage of its benefits, cut potatoes into thin slices and lay them on the eyelids.
Same you can proceed with cucumber slices. Also, you can use tomato juice and swab, then apply it around the eyes. Leave to act for half an hour and rinse with hot and cold water alternately.
And nutrition has an important role. The healthier the better, because prevents wrinkles. Eat foods rich in vitamins, especially B12 and K, such as broccoli, cabbage, peas, milk, eggs, seafood!
Egg white is a natural remedy commonly used in treating wrinkles. Egg whites have astringent properties that help the skin to be firmer, thus reducing wrinkles. All you have to do to make this mask is to take 2 organic egg whites and beat them well. Apply the mixture on the face, leave it on for 20 minutes and then rinse your face with cold water.

How to make your eyes look 10 years younger

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