Make-ups men like. How they want their girlfriends to make-up

Most of us live under the impression that men prefer women who don’t use make-up at all and we consider this matter closed. Oh well, find out that they also have their little fantasies about make-up, although, they indeed prefer a more natural look. Maybe your boyfriend doesn’t want to see you with make-up on non-stop, but for sure he likes the evenings when you arrange yourself for him a little more than usual. Moreover, be sure that he has some favourite looks he likes over others.

So, what are men preferences regarding makeup and how would they like their girlfriend to make-up?

1.Smokey eyes
The eye make-up is often decisive for a perfect look, that’s why the stylists give a great importance to trends in this regard. „Smokey eyes” is a trend that emerged a while ago and successfully withstands season after season, due to the mysterious aura it provides to each wearing.

Specifically for the mystery the wearer bears while wearing this make-up, makes men want to see it more often. Sexy and stylish, this look will make him imagine a lot of things, and will make him listen to every word you say.

2.Bright eyeshadows and pale lips
When a woman is wearing bright eyeshadows and harmonizes it with nude lips, the whole complexion seems to shine and glow. If you are wearing such a make-up, you will offer good mood and freshness, which men adore.

3.Cat eye
The cat eye make-up reveals mystery and elegance, is one of the most popular retro make-ups and also the most popular choice for a sophisticated evening look. This type of make-up lengthens the eye shape, focuses on them and the eyebrows and has an anti-aging effect on the facial traits.

Just like smokey eyes, cat eye provides a sexy and provocative allure combined with a distinctive air, which will remind him of  Hollywood and will make him behave as a real gentleman.

4.Rock chick
Although they love femininity and want their girlfriends not to forget that they are women above all, some men need more spicy moments. Slightly stronger make-up eyes will provide to you a rebellious, daring, adventurous air and will create the feeling that you are a challenge they have to complete.

5.Glowing cheeks
Since we talked about innocence a bit earlier, some men believe that a warm, natural cheek colour provides an all set make-up without seeming too complicated.

As surprising as it may seem, men don’t like women who wear a rough make-up, but rather a more delicate one. Glowing cheeks, with a natural color blush, will provide a fresher, slightly shy appearance which men love.

Regardless of the make-up you’re wearing, first of all, think about your comfort and then think about men. Your make-up should represent you. You’re beautiful the way you are.

Make-ups Men Like How they WANT their Girlfriends to Make-Up

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