Make your hair grow twice as fast

According to experts in beauty, there is a method to make your hair grow twice as fast, using ingredients that definitely you have in the house.
What you need:
– a cup of olive oil
– a glass that can be used in oven or kettle

Treatment takes around two hours.

What should you do:

Heat the olive oil in the microwave or on the stove, so you can put your finger in it without stinging the skin, so a bearable temperature. Further, spread the oil well on the hair roots, and then on the tips – put a towel on your shoulders to protect the oil from draining or you can apply the oil upside down.

You have to let the oil act for two hours, and after that wash your hair, not to keep oil at all. You should do this twice a week for a month. Your hair will grow about 3 centimeters, that is twice as fast – at least that is what the women who have already tried this option promise and say it works.

Make your hair grow twice as fast
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