Make your manicure last longer with this treatment

Nail polish makes your hands look smoother, thinner and even younger. But does your nail polish come off very quickly and you do not permit yourself to appeal to a professional salon, or you do not want to expose your nails to aggressive treatments? Here is how you can make your nail polish last longer.
A simple solution and at anybody’s hand can save you from the unpleasantness of a meeting at which you could come with fragmented nail polish.

Even worse, the nail polish is coming off right in the moment when you need to look impeccably, as if it would know your agenda and would hear you when you have something important to do in the evening.

Possibly, you have confronted with cases when you have you nail polish fragmented exactly at a romantic date, at a meeting with big bosses, or when you suddenly meet your ex-boyfriend on the street with a super hot blonde.

Does it sound familiar to you? Then you need a cheap and rapid trick the nail polish to remain on fingernails to get rid of this embarrassing problem.

Prepare a solution from a cup of warm water and 4 teaspoons of vinegar (made of wine, or apple cider vinegar).

Keep your nails soaking in the solution with vinegar for about 2 minutes, leave it to dry completely after this and after apply your usual nail polish, in a coat or two, not more. Nail polish can damage to your nails if you apply more than two coats, or wear it too often. And be attentive not to create bubbles, they cause the chipping of the nail polish. Try to not leave the nail polish on your nails for more than a few days.

Vinegar is also a home remedy for nail fungus, so keeping your fingers in water with vinegar is a kind of prevention of different infections caused by fungus.

The vinegar cleans the oil and the sebum from nails and makes the nail polish to adhere better to your nails. However, if the nail polish started to come off, do not leave it so, remove it, because it is an artificial and foreign substance for our body, and it also looks nasty.

There are several other tricks that will help you keep your nail polish stay longer on your nails. For example, before dying, go over your nails with a piece of cotton soaked in nail polish remover, which you are obliged to have in case you do your manicure by yourself and dye your nails.

Glamorous girls know that shimmering colors last longer. The hardest nail polish to remove is that what sparkles or shimmers. So, using them your manicure will last longer, for sure. Some of the new trend nail polishes have even sand in their composition. And if you think that its removal can become a headache, then in internet you can find tens of ways for shimmering colors removal. That is why do not hesitate to look attractive!

Make your manicure last longer with this treatment

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