Makeup for blue eyes: Shades & Tips

A blue eye makeup correctly done, can intensify color of the iris. Here’s the secrets!
Makeup for blue eyes and a first rule: no blue!
Basically, the rule is: Avoid shades of blue because it does not contrasts beautifully with blue iris.

The advice is however questionable, and some make-up artists say that you can use shades of blue in a blue eye makeup as long as they are in contrast with iris. For example, if you have open blue eyes, you can use dark tones of blue (navy may be a recommendation). You should be however quite experienced in the makeup to not go wrong.

The color palette for blue eyes
Matching shades: brown, terracotta, copper, pink, peach and natural colors; they will enhance the natural color.
Trick: Do not neglect purple eyeshadow; you can use a light lilac makeup for a day, while a shade of plum can be a great option for evening makeup. For the night, try metallic makeup; both gold and silver, make you blue eyes more powerful.

Types of makeup for blue eyes:
1. Smokey eyes
Smokey eyes is a very suitable for night makeup. To enhance the look, combine different shades of dark gray or purple. You can use a dark blue mascara if you outline your eyes with a gray or black eyeliner.

2. Dramatic eyeliner
A black eyeliner, bold, for a dramatic look will surely capture the attention. For day makeup , you can opt for matte makeup (especially neutral) and, necessarily, uses a layer of mascara, to outline the eyes.
Trick: When you use a powerful eye makeup, do not forget to leave your lips more simple! Choose a matte lipstick in a shade of peach or pink.

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