Makeup Mistakes that Make you Look Older

Looking older because of applying your makeup the wrong way is a big mistake. You should never look older, just because of your makeup! The truth is that there are some makeup mistakes that you can become familiar with right now … and if you practiced them so far, promise not to let them happen again! Remember that your makeup should cover the imperfections of your face and should make you look younger and attractive, and never the contrary.

Applying foundation in excess

When you apply a too thick layer of foundation on your face, it will get settled into the fine lines of your face and will automatically take away the natural glow of your skin. When you consider buying a new foundation, avoid the items that have written on them specifications, such as ‘matte’, ‘velvet’, or ‘long-wearing’. You should instead opt for products that have sheer liquid formulas and pigment with properties of light diffusion. If you apply the foundation on dry skin, it will automatically discolor the skin and will also make it look patchy. This is the reason why exfoliating your skin 2 to 3 times a week is a must if you are using foundation on a regular basis. You must clean and moisturize your skin all the time so that the foundation could perfectly stay and resist on your skin all day long.

Too deep contours under your eyes

When you apply a thick concealer stick under your eyes, the shadow on that area of your face will get instantly eradicated. This is how the fine lines that appear in that area will get highlighted and will also attract attention. The explanation is simple: the skin under your eyes is very sensible and thick. Instead of using thick under-eye concealer sticks, you should rather give a brush-on highlighter pen a try that will rather hide dark circles under your eyes because it has illuminating properties. Shadows are the most prominent on the inner corner under your eyes, so apply this product directly over that under-eye area.

Dark and deep lipsticks

When you apply a dark color on a surface, it will look smaller instantly. This is a good thing to do for your hips, but it is never good when it comes to your lips. Dark and deep lipsticks replaced with bright lipsticks and lip glosses are a great thing, in order to make your lips look fuller. Deep shades, such as dark brown, wine, or burgundy are not the ideal shades to obtain this effect, but bright shades, like vibrant red, pink, or peach already are. In addition, makeup artists come up with a great method that helps to obtain the illusion of luscious lips: before applying the lipstick, trace a highlighter pencil on your upper lip line and then buff it off with your finger.

What about powder?

Youthful skin is able to perfectly reflect lightness. But powders have exactly the opposite effect: they prevent the reflection of natural light on the skin and they rather magnify the lines in it. If you are already used to finishing your makeup with powder all the time, it won’t be easy for you to give up this bad makeup habit. The first thing that you need to do is purchasing a sheer translucent powder. Apply it to your nose and chin. Finally, apply the powder only on your nose, chin, and forehead – the areas of your face that form the T-zone.

Black eyeliner

If you use eyeliners, that’s a good thing and you should never give up on this good makeup habit – eyeliners make your eyes look more open. However, if you only use black eyeliner, you could replace it with a brown one because it has a better effect. Avoid using too thick eyeliners – these will make your upper eyelids look heavier than they naturally are.

Lip liners

Lip liners are meant to make your lips look as attractive as possible; therefore, they play an important role in your overall makeup. The right lip liner needs precaution and special attention and you have to choose it wisely. It is so easy to choose the wrong lip liner and ever more difficult to find the perfect one for your lips! It’s a bad thing when your lips look heavier than they naturally are, because of a thick lip liner that you applied to them. In the end, you definitely don’t want too tight looking lips! Most of women believe that the color of the lip liner must perfectly fit the color of the lipstick or lip gloss that they apply on their lips, but this is wrong. Choose a lip liner that perfectly fits the natural color of your lips and you will instantly obtain a perfectly natural effect. Choosing a natural formula for your lip liner is also a great decision because it will allow you to fill in your lips thoroughly.

Eyeliner and mascara applied on your lower lashes

Applying eyeliner and mascara on your lower eyelashes instantly brings two main problems regarding your makeup: from one hand, they will automatically make you look older and from the other hand, they will attract attention to the dark circles under your eyes. For an uplifting effect, you need to use top-quality mascara and brush only your upper eyelashes with it, starting with their roots until the ending of your lashes.

Lack of blush

Applying rosy blush is always a great makeup habit because it instantly brings life to your face. If properly applied on your cheeks, it can also create a lifting effect. Apply the blush over the area where you notice the fleshiest part of your cheeks. This area is easy to discover by standing in front of the mirror and smiling. Apply the blush with a big and fluffy brush, with circular movements, starting with your cheeks and finishing at your temples.

Deep eyebrow pencils

The color of your eyebrow pencil should be at least two shades lighter than the natural color of your eyebrows. Applying eyebrow pencils that are darker than your eyebrows themselves is a big makeup mistake. Don’t believe that darker shades will highlight your eyebrows more, because this is wrong.

If you so far practiced any of these bad makeup habits and mistakes, promise not to let them happen again! Choose to look younger with the help of your makeup and always avoid looking older because of cosmetic products! You have probably never realized before that makeup mistakes practiced on a regular basis have a huge negative impact on your overall look, but from now, you will do your best to say goodbye to these bad makeup habits forever.

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