Makeup tricks for bigger eyes

Not all have been endowed with large blue eyes and eyelashes! But tiny eyes have their charm, so learn from us the make up tricks for your own advantage.
Renee Zellweger and Jennifer Garner are two beautiful women with small eyes. Make up artists dealing with their look know this, which is why they resort to tricks to light up their eyes the and to create the impression of larger ones.

So if you find yourself in this prototype, here’s what to do!
Shape your eyes helping your eyeliner black or brown, depending on the color of your iris. Do not ever apply inside the lower eyelid!
It should splurge on the upper eyelid to the outer corner of the half eye.
Also, under the eyes, a faint shadow line is welcome as it will give the impression of larger eyes.
False eyelashes are a must have, but if you already have long lashes, lipstick them strongly with a carbon black mascara.
Eyebrows must also be perfectly shaped and arch to be your shadow lit with white, silver or pink pearl.
Makeup tricks for bigger eyes

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