Milk and Gelatin Strip to Remove Blackheads

Blackheads on nose are one of the most unaesthetic skin problems. To remove them you can go to a cosmetician or, even simpler, you can make your own blackheads strip.To make the strip for removing blackheads you need 2 simple ingredients that are found in any kitchen: milk and gelatin powder, without flavor.

To remove blackheads  put a tablespoon of milk in a heat resistant glass (which can be placed in the microwave) and then add a tablespoon of gelatin powder and mix well, until the mixture becomes coarse.

Let then the cup in the microwave for 10 seconds, on average step.

After the mixture cools down, take a makeup brush that you do not need or a spatula and apply it on your nose.

Let it dry for about 10 minutes, then remove it carefully. If you watch the strip you will see blackheads and the accumulated impurities.

Gelatin blackheads removal

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