Mistakes that you make when you remove your makeup

Cleansing the skin with lotions or cleansing tissues is just not enough and leaves residues that favor the appearance or worsening of acne. The biggest mistake that women make when they remove their makeup is that they don’t rinse the face with water.

Pay attention to daily cleansing! It is not enough to remove the makeup with wipes, cleansing milk, or lotions! It is a major mistake that many women make and cause various skin problems from acne to sensitivity or dermatitis. Rinse the skin with water after every cleansing to remove any makeup trace and cleaning product.

Here is how is best to clean the skin

Before water rinsing, you can remove the makeup with cleansing products suited to your skin type. Avoid alcohol or abrasive products on sensitive skin, or acne skin, and for the oily skin type, you can use astringent lotions that reduce pores, inhibit the secretion of sebum and wash the liquid surplus on the skin surface. Cleansing wipes should not be used daily, but only in emergencies. For example, when we are travel and we need to quickly change the makeup. Wet wipes fail to remove all of the makeup residues. The skin needs rinsing with tap water or plain water. Otherwise, it keeps debris by charging the pores, like a cork on the surface of the sebaceous gland. And hence favors acne lesions.

Mistakes that you make when you remove your makeup

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