Mix pepper with this ingredients and see what happens to your acne after 10 minutes

Pepper is one of the most used spices in the kitchen, but do you expect to have properties beneficial for your beauty? Pepper-based masks are the most revolutionary treatments in beauty and can be prepared easily. Facial mask with pepper and honey is a very effective remedy against pimples and oily skin.

Black pepper is rich in important vitamins and minerals that your skin needs. Its antioxidant properties help clean the deepest layers of the skin and removes toxins. Thus, the risk of acne diminishes significantly. Also stimulates circulation and thus gives a healthy, lively skin.

Honey is known for its antibacterial and antiseptic properties. They turn it into the ideal treatment for people experiencing severe acne. Honey helps the skin to have a smoother, cleaner and brighter appearance. It is ideal to combine it with other natural ingredients that can enhance its effect.

Face mask with pepper and honey is what you need when you have resorted to numerous remedies that have failed you. You need: half a teaspoon of black pepper, a tablespoon of egg white and honey. Using a fork or a whisk beat the egg white, well mix it with honey and pepper. Apply the mask on the face, avoiding the eyes and the mouth. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes and rinse with warm water, carefully. You can prepare also an exfoliator that helps to clean the skin. It contains yogurt and pepper. Mix half a teaspoon of black pepper in two tablespoons of yogurt and massage your face with this mixture for a few minutes. It will help you remove the stains and scars left by pimples. Do not forget to rinse with warm water!

Pepper body oil against cellulite
Ingredients: 2 tablespoons almond oil, 2 tablespoons sesame oil or grape seed, 4 drops of black pepper essential oil
Mix the ingredients and massage the body after bathing twice a day, focusing on problem areas. Improves elasticity and skin tone, reduce cellulite and fat deposits.

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