My Greek Yogurt Mask

My Greek Yogurt Mask


Are you looking for a homemade skin cleanser recipe? Check out this 2 ingredients mask by the beautiful Lauren Conrad to clean your skin and make it glow.

This mask is so easy to make! All you are need two ingredients:

– greek yogurt

– a probiotic capsule

The thing about the Greek yogurt is that it contains lactose enzymes, which will dissolve the dirt out of your skin making it glow. The probiotic capsule will refresh your skin giving it glow.

This mask works as a cleanser, it will also reduce redness and clam breakouts. How awesome is that?

How to make it:

To make the mask, just split open the capsule and mix it with 3 or 4 tablespoons of cold plain greek yogurt in a small bowl.

How to apply:

Just grab some cotton balls and softly apply it through your face making small circles. The live if for at least 15 minutes, then remove it with water.

If you can´t find a probiotic capsule, the greek yogurt works great itself.


Note: If you are lactose intolerant you better don’t take the risk on this one.


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I find this article and I`m so glad because now I can now share it with you . I`m not taking credits for the photos . You can visit laurenconrad `s blog . It`s a great blog .

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