Natural solutions for yellowed nails

If you have problems with unsightly yellow spots on nails, today I will share some natural solutions, efficient and cheap, which will help you to restore their natural look. Try it and tell us what worked best for you … This summer, you have to have flawless manicure, whether you choose a color or transparent nail polish !

Baking soda Mix one tablespoon of baking with a little water, so as to obtain a thick paste. Rub your nails well with the paste, every two or three days and avoid to use colored nail varnish, during treatment. In the two weeks you’ll get rid of yellow stains on nails.

Hydrogen peroxide Get a bottle of hydrogen peroxide from the pharmacy and dip your fingertips into it every two days. If you want, you can apply hydrogen peroxide on a cotton pad and so you can clean nails. It will take a little longer this process than with baking soda, but if you avoid colored nail polish in one month your nails will be restored naturally.

Lime juice One of the most effective solutions to remove yellow stains from nail polish is rubbing them with lime. Simply cut the lemon in half and rub your nails with each piece of fruit. For visible results must insist at least 5-6 days.

Tea tree oil Buy yourself a bottle of tea tree oil and use this antibacterial oil on your nails, applying it with a cotton swab. Natural nails will be restored in about two weeks if you avoid strong color nail polish and apply this treatment at least every two days.

Natural solutions for yellowed nails

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