Natural Teeth Whitener with Activated Charcoal

I suppose that not many of you wondered that activated charcoal is a great teeth whitener. It may seem for you not a very pleasant trick for whitening, but I assure you that it is worth it!
So, to achieve the desired result, repeat this procedure once per week. Just on the first week do it every evening, before going to bed. It is recommended to have a separated toothbrush for this procedure.

Wet your toothbrush under running water, then dip it into the powder of activated charcoal and brush your teeth for about 3 minutes. Also, you can form from the start a paste of water and activated charcoal, by mixing equal parts of these two ingredients.

Remember to brush your teeth thoroughly. After this, rinse your mouth with water. After a week passed, do the washing once per week. And do not expect this easy homemade remedy to do miracles after its first use! Although it may seem to you boring, as you have to repeat it, get motivated from time to time by dreaming of your perfect, pearly whites. And if you are a coffee lover, then, please, try to reduce, or even completely remove from your diet, the amount of coffee or any other item which you consume and you know that it causes the stains on your teeth. One more observation that should be taken into account is whether you are taking some kind of pills, then do not take it within two hours of the activated charcoal, because the last one can prevent the absorption of the other drug.

Also, be careful and don’t use for this tip any kind of charcoal, but only that activated, made particularly for use in medicine. Doctors in cosmetic dentistry tell that activated charcoal is, in general, used for the absorption of toxins, this is probably why it acts so in our mouths. As well, activated charcoal gets attracted by a group of found compounds called tannins. And tannins are contained in foodstuff which forms stains on our teeth, for example coffee, tea or wine.

Dealing with activated charcoal can create mess around you, by staining clothes and dropping on furniture, that is why be quite attentive with it. Do not do this process while being in a hurry to a dating or to work, or you can really create a lot of work for you with this remedy. Instead, you can try to whiten your teeth with activated charcoal while being in the shower, or taking a bath. You can also take into consideration such a small detail like closing the capsule from activated charcoal after emptying it, for not even a small amount of it to stain your trash bin, or carpet.

So, before applying different tooth whitening gels and strips, which contain toxic chemicals that damage your tooth enamel, give a try to this natural, free of side effects remedy. And do not forget to visit your dentist once in a half of year.

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