Natural way to remove blackheads from your nose

Blackheads are really a nightmare. What is a blackhead? How to remove blackheads and how to prevent them? Cleansers, scrubs, cleansers and creams, book the right advice and the right products to unclog pores, refine skin texture, clean the skin deeply and try to say goodbye to blackheads. Dry skin, sensitive skin and pale skin, discover all the steps to remove blackheads!

A black dot, what is it? You do not like it without really knowing what it is. Know that the blackhead is an open comedo.
Sebum protects the surface of the skin from external aggressions. The problem is that, under the influence of hormones and stress, the skin thickens and sebum production racing. In excess, it clogs the pores and as a cream left in the open air, it oxidizes and becomes … black.

 How to remove blackheads?

The black dot is the nightmare. The appear on the nose, chin or forehead, black dot box, mostly on the T-zone of the face.

So, if you’re passing attack, you may create a button or a scar.

To remove blackheads, you must follow the proper instructions. Cover your head with a towel over a bowl of hot water. With the heat of the steam, the pores will expand. With clean hands and wrapped in a handkerchief index, press lightly to remove blackheads. Finally, you go on your face a anti -bacterial lotion to disinfect.

The golden rule is to still not touching, the risk of spreading bacteria creates indelible marks and stains due to inflammation. Too many blackheads? Soar with the dermatologist for a real cleaning (microcysts incision + thermal water healing cream needle).

 How to prevent blackheads?

Note that to avoid blackheads and prevent their occurrence, you need to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

First, a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables helps reduce the appearance of blackheads. And you must also cleanse your skin on morning and evening with a dermatological bread, emphasizing the T area. Finally, you need to do a gentle scrub once a week to remove dead skin.

The importance of cleansing

Program: cleansing, morning and evening with milk + a tonic, are capable of reconstituting the ecosystem of the skin.

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Natural way to remove Blackheads from your Nose instructions

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