All you need to know about Foundation

Perfect cover imperfections, protects matiffies and gives a smooth and silky appearance.
Here are just some of the reasons why the foundation should be the main product from your makeup kit.

Why do we need foundation?
Perhaps the most important items of makeup kit, foundation is a miracle product for skin: covers imperfections, matiffies and protects the skin from environmental aggressions. Therefore, should is chosen both for its aesthetic qualities, but especially for those protective. However, even if moisturizes and protects against sunlight, this product will not be able to replace all the qualities of a day cream. Use it only when you have so respected daily skin care ritual – cleansing and moisturizing.
Protects skin
Always use foundation – serves as a protective barrier. New generations of products contain UV filter, which protects against the action of sunlight, vitamins and antioxidants. Thus, daily use of the foundation is healthy.
Treats oily skin
For such a foundation, use a special product. It helps to even out skin to look perfect, though his mission is not an easy one: absorbs excess sebum without drying out and stay compact when skin contact.
Moisturize dry skin
It’s good, after the application of nourishing day cream, to use a special foundation for dehydrated skin. Products that contain such oils and moisturizer will protect your skin throughout the day.
Several, one choice
Because the offer is varied, choosing the right foundation is often a challenge. Find out the main features of various types of products and choose the one that suits you.
Fluid foundation – is ideal for normal skin, as it has a loose formula that covers evenly and gives the skin a velvety appearance.
Or 2in1 compact foundation (foundation and powder) – provides accurate coverage, and because powder particles of the composition is no longer necessary to fix its subsequent powder. Because matiffies perfectly, it is recommended especially for oily skins.
The foam foundation – is a light foundation that is absorbed quickly and breathable. Because it acts as a cream, suits perfect for dry skin.
Illuminating Foundation – do you have a tired and dull skin? Use such a product which, due to the bright particles that reflect light will give brightness and natural shine to your skin, erasing any trace of fatigue. It is suitable for any skin type.
Foundation with lifting effect – fits for mature skin because it is able to cover even the most perfectly fine wrinkles, and leaves skin smooth, due to the effect of lifting.
Antishine foundation – choose it if you have oily skin, because it blurs the gloss given by excess sebum.
Transfer resistant foundation – matiffies very well and lasts all day.
The foundation is not harmful
Foundation does not make your face look like a mask and don’t favor imperfections, as long as it is perfectly removed at the end of the day. So do not forget to cleanse better in the evening.

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