How to obtain a Galactic Manicure

Which is the element that always harmonizes with feminine and neat outfits, either wearing a bathing suit on the sunny beach, an elegant dress, a classic suit or sport outfit? You guessed it, we talk about manicure. For many men, the hands represent the business card of a woman and an essential factor in defining it.

So, should not be neglected! Especially now, in winter, hands and nails are affected by low temperatures, as are most exposed – even if you wear gloves. Yes, we know that you take care of and you probably use a moisturizer daily to prevent dehydration and skin peeling but what about your manicure? If you take care of it properly you’re probably tired of the same boring manicure. Galaxy print coating has become a must for the beginning of the year, increasingly more foreign companies starting to use it for their fashion collections. Moreover, the idea of cosmic landscape is transposed in makeup and manicure, a sign that we will have an intergalactic year.

Because galaxy manicure looks super chic, we thought we’d show you a tutorial which you can do alone, even at home. So this is why you need to complete the pattern:
– transparent nail polish for protection
– black nail polish for base
– turquoise nail polish for Nebula
– pink nail polish, blue and dark purple to other nebulae
– makeup sponge
– a piece of paper with glitter nail polish

Apply nail polish protector, waiting to dry and then apply nail polish black or deep blue. The latter will be used as the basis for the idea of space. Wait to dry and put some bright green nail polish to draw Nebula.
Use the sponge again and apply a thin layer of pink nail polish over nebula. Then shape the rest of nebulae with blue and purple. Wait about 5 minutes between each application to make sure each layer dries properly.
In the last stage, apply a nail polish with glitter to create the idea of stars. If you want the model to have more volume, then try to find the glitter of various sizes.
Last but not least, if you want your manicure to last, apply a coat of clear lacquer. Use a piece of paper to clean off excess nail polish from the makeup sponge.

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