Ombré hair dye with hair brush

Do you want to practice perfect ombré look directly at your home? This is a great decision because it is actually easy to learn obtaining it, and you will not have to spend your money to pay your hair stylist who would be able to paint your hair for this purpose – because you can do it yourself! Here is to find out how easy it is to do it with the help of a magnificent technique.

A few long years have passed since the trend of ombré look appeared, in terms of hair styles and even after so much time this is still one of the most wanted look changes. Before talking about the right way to create your DIY ombré look at home, let us tell you several facts related to this spectacular hair style. It is being worn by celebrities and fashion maniac girls everywhere in the world. It simply looks great when the top of your hair is dark and towards the ending it has a lighter shade! Even if the painting method would seem to be difficult at first sight, it is surprisingly easy to obtain this hair style comfortably at your home.

Until now it has been almost impossible to create quality ombré look at home; even hair stylists at the beauty salons had to deal with difficulties regarding the new hair discoloring and coloring technique, so that the transition from one shade to another would be a gradient one.

However, one of the best things related to the ombré look is the fact that it can adapt to almost any hair length, so no matter if your hair is middle or very long, you will still be able to create this look comfortably at your home. The color contrast is possible to highly accentuate with this fantastic ombré look – you can even see girls online who have bob hair cut and obtained the ombré look at home. Practically, the dark shade on the top of your hair highlights your eyes and your face thoroughly, while the lighter shade at the ending balances the contrast between the two shades perfectly.

How to obtain your desired chic ombré look at home?

A video posted on Instagram has become viral, once an extremely simple method is presented in it for making the perfect ombré look – even at your home. All you have to do is to apply hair dye (or discoloring dye) on a hair brush and start brushing your hair from the area where you want the ombré to start and to continue towards the ending; on the ending of your hair you will have to insist more so that you could cover all your hair with the hair dye.

Tip: in case that you wish to obtain a lighter shade, it is recommended that you use discoloring dye; if you have blonde hair and you want to do a few stronger strands of hair (such as blue, red or green), use only the necessary hair dye.

Having all these thoughts in mind, the ombré look is definitely a great idea to create at home, because it is an eye-catching trend.

Ombré hair dye with hair brush

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