Overnight Beauty Tips & Tricks

When it comes to beauty treatments, the first thing any woman wishes it is to be simple to achieve it. In addition we want tricks that work, but it does not take long. We want to see immediate results and do not have to spend half of the monthly income on expensive products and most likely ineffective.
If until now, you thought that beauty really costs much money and time, you don’t know yet how these overnight tricks works, literally. And no, you do not need plastic surgery or miracle creams. You take only a few minutes before bedtime and some natural ingredients that most likely, you already have it in your house.

Satin Sheets. If you currently sleep on cotton sheets, it’s time to change it! Do it for the well of your hair and also your skin. Satin sheets eliminate friction between the skin and bedding cotton loops. Also reduces wrinkles, hair loss and breaking. You should know that cotton pillowcases absorb all creams, lotions and conditioning you apply. Now you have the right reason to go buy those fancy sheets you’ve ever dreamed of!
To keep your skin legs smooth and silky, apply a coat of vaseline on the legs, soles and between fingers and leave it overnight. You can put some cotton socks to avoid staining the sheets. You apply this procedure also after you took a shower and you don’t have to go anywhere.

Maintain healthy nails. If you have brittle nails or suffer from mycosis (fungi that occur in the nail) confidently use coconut oil. Apply it on the affected areas, gently massaging your nail. Leave it to act for at least 15-20 minutes before you go to sleep. If you want to apply it in a larger amount you should wear some gloves during the sleep.

Sleeping position. Improper sleeping position can cause us many problems: Shoulder and neck pain, spinal disorders, or simply bad days, and grumpy mood. Sleep also has a strong effect on personality and wellness. In general, 60-70% of the population sleeps on one side, but this is not necessarily the healthiest sleep position. Sleeping position on the back is the best way to sleep. It is healthy because it prevents back and shoulder pain, gastroesophageal reflux disease, reduce wrinkles and keep breasts firm.

Use a humidifier. A healthy, supple skin is an excellent moisturized skin. As we all know, besides applying moisturizing face creams and body lotions, it is essential to drink lots of fluids (water, tea, unsweetened juices), daily. And if during the day you respect all those rules you should know you can help your skin maintain its beauty during the night with a humidifier. This unit is a great ally, especially on winter, when your skin tends to dehydrate more easily than usual.

Style your hair. Even if you’re tired and you only see in front of you a large and warm bed, five minutes a day in which you care for your hair can save you from a small disaster. Braid your hair before going to bed. Not only will you save time for styling it in the morning, but you will wake up with a different kind of loops, which you can obtain with a regular curling iron. If yo want small loops, braid it into many tails, and if you want large curls creates only a tail or two. Arrange the hair slightly with your fingers and the next day and you will have a super-chic hairstyle.

Shinny hair. You use different skin moisturizers at night, because it behaves differently when you rest. The same things apply to the scalp, and if it is healthy, so is the hair. A mask applied before bedtime penetrates the hair, moisturizes the scald and restores hair’s radiance. “It is very suitable for dry hair, because in many hours of rest, nourishes the hair gradually with all the nutrients needed to make it radiate”.

Smooth lips. If your lips are dry, you should know that your body needs more water. To get rid quickly of the dry lips aspect, before going to sleep apply some coconut oil and leave it overnight. In the morning you will enjoy smooth, soften lips.
Teeth whitening can be done naturally also very easy with sodium bicarbonate. For an effective whitening and to avoid gum irritation (baking soda is abrasive and can easily lead to gum irritation) create a mixture of 1 teaspoon of baking, some toothpaste, a little lemon juice and 2-3 drops of oxygenated water. You will get a paste which acts as a professional whitening product! It is easy to obtain, and the results are visible after the first wash. To avoid the teeth staining wash them with this mixture before you go to sleep and you don’t want to eat or drink something.

Lengthen your lashes. If nature hasn’t given you long eyelashes, you can get a charming look using natural products. To make your eye lashes grow use castor oil. Castor oil should be applied every night before going to bed, with a cotton pad o, preferably, with a mascara brush that you clean it carefully with hot water and soap. You can use the same treatment to determine the eyebrows growth. Use this treatment for at least a month to see the results.

Overnight Beauty Tips & Tricks

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